I am an expert in formal methods, modelling and verification. I have excellent problem-solving skills and my software engineering background ranges from discrete mathematics to programming (including assembly languages). I have advanced knowledge in the following areas: discrete mathematics, advanced algorithms, programming (imperative, functional), modelling and verification of software systems.

I have experience in developing industrial-strength software (e.g. the Goanna static analysis tool while I was at NICTA/Red Lizards) and leading small research teams (research on the Goanna project, static analysis tool Skink at Macquarie University). I have a passion for tackling hard problems and provide complete solutions to them. This involves developing the necessary theoretical framework and algorithms through to the implementation. I have great communication skills (oral and written) as well as a strong team spirit.

According to Google Scholar, my h-index is larger or equal to 27, with a total of more than 2600 citations.

I have published more than 20 journal papers, including TCS, IEEE, more than 40 international conference papers, 4 book chapters and was PC chair (and co-editor of the proceedings) of two leading international conferences (FORMATS’2008, and ATVA’2014 in Sydney,


Work experience